Top 10 FAQ asked at Peaks Family Pets?

  1. Why did you change your name? We changed our name from O’Brien Pet Foods and Supplies to Peak Family Pets in May 2022. Mainly because O’Brien’s was the previous owner’s name. Peaks Family Pets represents our deep connection to the Squamish community and our commitment to treating every pet and pet owner like family.
  2. I want to switch my dog to a raw diet, but it is overwhelming. Can you help? Peaks Family Pets have the largest selection of raw for dogs and cats. We feed our dogs raw ourselves and can help you navigate the change. The best way is to come in and talk to us and we can tell you how to transition into the raw diet. Whether you are switching because of allergies or personal preference we are happy to help guide you.
  3. I want to switch to a raw diet, but it is expensive, any ways I can save? There are a couple ways we can help you save on raw. All our raw brands come in larger bulk cases. If you purchase the larger freezer packs (usually 10 to 24 lb cases) you will get a 10 to 20% savings vs buying smaller freezer packs. Also, we have an in-store loyalty program where you will collect points for every dollar you spend of which raw food purchase count towards.
  4. I don’t see my dog’s food, can you get it? We carry most brands of pet foods and are always happy to order in a custom order for you. In fact, we custom order food for many of our customers. Part of belonging to the Peaks Pets Family means that we learn your dog’s requirements and eating habits. So, when you are due for your next bag of food, we will have it ordered for you.
  5. You have a parrot? Yes, that’s Princess, our CEO. She has been with Peaks Pets since it first opened in 1988. She keeps us on our toes and if you want to see her, she is most active first thing in the morning and right before close.
  6. My dog chews everything, what is your longest lasting dog chew? Well, nothing is guaranteed to last forever. But our customers report back and confirmed that the heavy weight bully sticks, full length bull tails, beef cheek roll and large pork pressed bones are contenders for the longest lasting chews. These are all safe and natural dog chews. We don’t carry any raw hide in our store.
  7. Why is my dog itchy, is there a way I can figure this out? If the vet thinks it is food related, we can help with that. We are experts in advising you how you can do an elimination diet, helping you decipher which food is the best for your dog’s allergies or offering you advice on a healthy dog gut. Need us to find the best food that aligns with your dog’s requirements? We can help you with that too.
  8. Do you deliver? Yes, we do. Why drive down the highway or wait to have your dog food delivered from Vancouver? Peaks pets offers free local delivery within Squamish with every order over $75. Live in the Valley or Brittania? We can get you your food too for a delivery fee of $20 or minimum order of $100. Order online on our website or via phone and have your dog food delivered the same day in Squamish.
  9. Can you make it “raw dog food?” We have the largest selection and variety of raw dog and raw cat food in Squamish. We have 5 freezers full of raw food brands that are either made here in the lower mainland or in Canada. Raw food varieties range from pure proteins to complete raw diets for dogs and cats.
  10. 10.Are you a local shop or a chain? Nope we are a locally owner and operated small family run business. We are the best pet food store in Squamish because we have been in business for over 30 years. We love to support other local businesses and you will see that in our shop.
  11. What makes you Squamish’s Best Pet Shop? (Okay we felt we had to sneak this one in) We were voted Squamish’s Best Pet Store in 2022 by the Squamish Chief Reader’s Poll. And we hope to make the list again next year. We treat all our customers as Squamish Locals and Squamish family. Come by just to say hi – we would love to meet you.