What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

In case you missed it we rebranded and changed our name. What is the meaning of our new name? Peaks Family Pets represents our deep connection to the Squamish community and our commitment to treating every pet and pet owner like family.

Why the change?  When Brent and I bought the shop, everyone asked if we were going to change the name. We weren’t sure at the time.  All we knew was that were going to be a part of a great community and be immersed in our passion. We love pets and want the best for them. We wanted to support other local businesses that believe in local too, and the action of buying a simple bag of dog food can help build connections and community. What we didn’t realize was how much the community was going to affect us. We have celebrated new family members with you, we shed tears when some have crossed over the rainbow bridge, and we have shared and laughed at some of the best pet stories. We truly believe that we are not just a place to get pet supplies, we are a family that looks out for other families here. We care about what is going on your lives and feel privileged to be doing what we do. And so, when it came to choosing our new name, we knew it had to be a name that reflects and represents how important your pets are to us all in the beautiful setting in which we call home.

The story of Peaks Family Pets didn’t begin with O’Brien’s Pet Foods and Supplies. The pet shop dates all the way back to 1988. The store was originally called Squamish Pet Foods and Supplies and was located downtown on Cleveland. Back then the town was half the size and if you were to visit the shop then you would have seen more horse and farm animal feed than dog food. Over the years, as pets transitioned from working animals to members of our family, we started to pay more attention to what we feed them. Over the years we have educated ourselves in what quality pet food should be, what we should avoid feeding our pets and we have learned about which dog and pet supplements to further improve their lives. What you see in our warehouse today, is Squamish’s largest variety of raw dog and a raw cat food, healthy dry dog and cat food and the best quality treats for our fluffy loved ones. We also have great have great options for fish supplies, reptile supplies and small animal food and treats.

From long-time customers to new faces, we invite you to join us in this new chapter as a part of the Peaks community. Thank you, Squamish, for your continued support over the years, we wouldn’t be here without you!

Sierra, Teresa, Lin, Brent and Princess